Alyssa Crum

Miss South Central 2020

Alyssa Crum is a Magna Cum Laude graduate of St. Cloud State University, where she received a BS in Public Relations. Alyssa is a Client Coordinator for Anderson Center - a nonprofit organization providing management and leadership development services that facilitate economic progress in Greater Minnesota. Her social impact initiative “Let’s Connect! Social Media and Internet Safety” came as an extension of her passion for all things mass media. After speaking with a 5th grade classroom, she discovered the incredible curiosity young children have for the internet. In addition, she uncovered the intense insecurities children experienced due to their online presence. After speaking with a group of parents, Alyssa realized that most had little knowledge of what battles their children were facing each day online. Since this experience, Alyssa has been striving to open the lines of communication between parents and children regarding their online lives. She has developed the “Four Commandments for Kids Online” and many online resources for parents. Alyssa’s dream is to create responsible youth while enlightening, engaging, and empowering parents to create internet safe homes.


Alyssa is a passionate performer. Her musical journey began when she started private vocal training in junior high. In high school, she was a 4 year superior medalist for the Minnesota Music Educators Associations’ Solo and Ensemble Competition and a faithful participant in the annual winter musical where she portrayed roles including “Babette” from Beauty and the Beast and “Sarah Brown” in Guys and Dolls. During her post-secondary years, she continued her love for musical theater by participating in productions put on by the Little Theater of Owatonna (LTO). In 2017, Alyssa was the recipient of the Sarah Foreman Scholarship, awarded by LTO, for her distinguished participation in the performing arts. Alyssa was a member of the Concordia Choir and a Concordia Music Scholarship recipient for her vocal performance audition as a sophomore student. After transferring to St. Cloud State to pursue their nationally accredited, undergraduate Mass Communication program, Alyssa continued applying her love of music by competing for Minnesota Sings. Alyssa is a two time MN Sings ambassador, and in 2018, she was awarded the 4th place title and scholarship.


Alyssa recognizes that the Miss America Organization is built upon generations of women who each want to change the world for the better. She is thankful that after the title ends and the crown has been passed, that woman’s legacy lives on. Alyssa believes that this organization and the women who came before her have paved the way for her to speak her mind, represent her community, and become the confident individual she is today.

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