Waseca Marching Classic

We were reunited with our Waseca Princesses again today! We got to ride with them in the Waseca Marching Classic parade. The girls were ecstatic to be riding in there first parade. I absolutely love it when the girls ask if one day they can be just like us and do stuff like this all the time. After the parade was over and all of the girls had been picked up, Lauren and I went out for coffee before heading to the Coon Rapids Pageant. We got to see my sister queen Sage Hovet win Miss Coon Rapids Outstanding Teen! I am so proud of her and the performance she gave tonight. She definitely deserved the title.

Jesse James Day

Had a blast at the Jesse James Day Festival! Lauren and I collected all the stickers from the Royalty of the Saint Paul Snow Winter Carnival, watched the reenactment in downtown Northfield, and rode in the annual parade. It was so neat to be apart of such a unique tradition and get to see and be involved in the Northfield community.

Waseca Warrior 5K

My big sis ran her first 5k today with her crown on and everything (thank goodness she left the heels at home). I'm so proud of her for pushing herself to do this since running is something I personally avoid at all costs. While she ran, I volunteered at the water station to help hand out cups to passing runners and had a little helper with me. Ellie's cups of water were shockingly more popular than mine (I'll give it to her, she's got me one upped on the cuteness scale). After the run was all over, Lauren and I entertained Ellie at the park and listened to all of her tales with her friends Elsa and Anna (she's got Frozen fever).

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