Social Impact Initiative

My social impact initiative comes as an extension of my passion for all things mass media. After speaking with a 5th grade classroom, I discovered the incredible curiosity youth have for the internet and the intense insecurities they experience due to their online presence. The classroom visit took a turn in a direction I never saw coming. After listening to many students open up, I decided it was my responsibility to not let their voices go unheard. I carried this experience with me and shared it with parents. I quickly realized that most had little to no knowledge of what battles their children were facing each day online or how to help fight them. Since these experiences, I have been striving to educate and empower families to open up the lines of communication regarding their online lives and give them the tools they need to make their homes digitally safe.

Virtual Storytime

Watch bedtime stories "If You Give a Mouse an iPhone" and 

"Goodnight iPad"

Criteria for Posting

Learn how to know if what you are posting is right

4 Commandments

for Kids Online

Take proactive steps to stay digitally safe

Other Helpful Resources

Bark is an incredible internet filter for families. This program

allows children to maintain a sense of independence and privacy, while allowing parents the opportunity to involve themselves when necessary to provide guidance.

NetSmartz is a great online-safety education resource for kids, parents, educators, and law enforcement from the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children

This blog post from "Child - The Real Guide for Parents" is a great resource for laws children need to know about social media. This post includes rules regarding bullying, hacking and explicit content. 

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