• Alyssa Crum

Royal Outing with my Miss

I had so much fun roaming the Steele County Free Fair on it's last day with my big sis Miss South Central's Lauren Fellows. We watched the pig races, fed the greedy little animals in the petting zoo, and took a walk through the Village of Yesteryear. People always ask me about how I like having a pageant sister, and my answer is always, "I absolutely love it!". I'm the middle child of two brothers, so as you can imagine, I've always wanted is a sister, and I couldn't have gotten a better one. Lauren and I get along just like real sisters would. We tease each other constantly, such as determining just how many "un-outstanding" moments I've had – tripping up stairs, mispronouncing my title, or calling the wrong bingo number, but we also support each other in everything we do. I definitely have a new answer to the question, "Who inspires you?"

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