• Alyssa Crum

Sleigh and Cutter Dance

The Sleigh and Cutter Festival is in full swing! We kicked off the night with the newscasters from WCCO, who were on the scene to report about the upcoming events and the great town of Waseca. We then moved on to dinner and talking to members of the community while we took tickets and gave out wristbands. After clearing tables to make room for the dance floor, the Waseca queens led the flag ceremony and sang the Star Spangled banner before introducing the band. Then we danced the night away to the music of Chris Brooke's and the Silver City Boys. I even had a little boy named Uestace request that I be his date for the evening. He absolutely made my night! I had so much fun with the Waseca community, and am so thankful for the Sleigh and Cutter committee opening the South Central title and making Lauren and I feel so welcome in their community. I can't wait for the other upcoming sleigh and cutter events!

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