• Alyssa Crum

Miss MNOT Orientation

We had Miss Minnesota's Outstanding Teen orientation at the Mall of America this weekend! I had such a great time meeting all of the amazing girls and learning the pageant routines. We went through introductions and listened to the directors and Corrina talk about what will be going on pageant weekend. After that, we were treated to some pretty awesome "swag bags." The next morning we got advice from Corrina's hairstylist and makeup artist, which also included more gift bags! We ended our weekend by making tie-blackets for the Children's Miracle Network Hospitals. This weekend is something I'll never forget. I got to hang out with 13 wonderful women who have the same dream as I do and getting to know them was an honor in itself. I can't wait to see them all again April 5th and cheer on whoever receives this years title.

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