• Alyssa Crum

Pageant Prep

I woke up early this morning and headed to Sherry's Dance Studio for pageant prep! Sadie and I had so much fun modeling, performing, and goofing off together in between times. After our mock interviews and dinner, we were blindfolded by our big sisters and driven to a surprise location. We were guided through a parking lot and once our blindfolds were removed, we found that we were standing in front of Grand Slam! Molly, our director, rewarded us for our long day of work with trampolines, laser tag, and bumper cars. What she calls our "Unofficially Official Send Off Party." Sadie and I were thrilled. I have so greatly enjoyed getting to know Sadie this year. We both just love laughing with and occasionally at one another. This was yet another time that I remembered how thankful I am to be apart of Team Waseca and their dual pageant. The girls and directors I get to spend my reign with are such beautiful women, on the inside

and the out.

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