• Alyssa Crum

Hay Daze Parade

I can't believe Lauren actually got out of bed this morning to ride with me in the Hay Daze parade, but I'm so glad she did! Parades are definitely one of my favorite opportunities that come with the crown. I love seeing all the little girls getting so excited to watch the "princesses" ride by, and watching the little boys try to mimic the royal wave is priceless. Lauren and I also had a pretty great time jamming to "Fancy" by Iggy. That and "Royals" by Lorde have become

our pageant appearance theme songs. I love my pageant sisters and all the amazing things we've been able to do together this year. They make me realize that the crown isn't what makes the girl, it's the girl who makes the crown. Opportunities like volunteering or making a little girl's day don't stop when my reign is over, they continue beyond the crown. As long as I keep reaching out, I can make years to come just as spectacular as this one.

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