• Alyssa Crum

My Takeaway from Miss Minnesota

Miss Minnesota week has come to a close, and I couldn't possibly be more grateful for the experience I had.

I walked into the Radisson hotel Sunday morning scared to death of being away from home, sharing a room with a competitor, and ultimately not fitting in whatsoever. I couldn't have possibly been more wrong.

I spent a week away from home with 27 of the most inspiring women in the world. As the week unraveled I made connections with each of them, and I ended up being less concerned for my success and more for theirs.

I am so excited to say that I reached my goal this year. I was the youngest contestant to place in the top 10 and was able to compete in the final phase of competition on Saturday night. Standing there next to girls who I had looked up to all week was absolutely so humbling.

Congratulations to the top 5. Each of you were so deserving. Drew, I could not be happier for you. I watched you leave everything on that stage last night and it paid off. You were flawless. I am so honored to have been a part of your year.

Thank you to Jennifer Lechner Burt and Molly Conway Kopischke for everything. I don't know how you two do it. The love and support you showed me all week what with phone calls, texts, gifts, and all those hugs and tears we shared after each rehearsal and performance. You are two of the most selfless and kind women on this earth and I thank God every day for your presence in my life. Thank you for loving me.

Lauren Ann Fellows, thank you for being the big sister I've never had and always wanted. You have been here for me since day one of our reign and never stopped cheering me on in every aspect of my life. Not only that, but my dressing room was spotless last night. Dang girl, you and your momma know how to clean a dressing room. I love you Lauren and Lori.

To everyone who came out to support me this week, thank you from the bottom of my heart. I couldn't have possibly felt more loved walking out into the lobby each evening to family and friends standing there with smiles and open arms. Shoutout to the Tverberg family, my incredible friend Maddie (who left her brother's wedding just to see me possibly perform Saturday night), the Fellows, Annika and June, Megan and Sue, Dena and Ashley, and my many extended family members that made the trip to see me compete.

Also thanks to everyone who has kept up with me this week. Your prayers and words of encouragement are what helped push me through and keep my spirits up all week. Love all of you so much.

Finally, to my Miss Minnesota sisters, thank you for making my rookie year un-topable. You have each impacted and inspired me this week and I am so grateful to have shared this experience with all of you. Shoutout to my besties Sarah Labine, Molly West, and my beautiful roommate Allison Christenson. ​Everyone told me I'd make some of my best friends here...and they were right.

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