• Alyssa Crum

Rotary Presentation

My first platform appearance is complete! This past Thursday I had the pleasure of being Waseca Rotary's guest speaker. It was a little bumpy, but I've found that my first platform presentation always has its quirks. Now that I have the first one under my belt, I know my next presentation can only go that much better. I also had the opportunity to share my Facebook experiment with them. Last week I uploaded the picture to the left. The sign says, "I'm talking to students about Internet safety and how quickly a photo can be seen by lots of people. If you are reading this please click 'like' and 'share.' Thanks!!" Over the next week, I received over 350 shares, and the number is still growing. This is a warning to Internet users everywhere to think twice before posting something on the Internet. Whether it be a comment on someone else's post or uploading a post of your own, never click "post" without discretion. You never know just who or how many people will be seeing what you say or do. The conversations I shared with individuals after my presentation were incredible. The reason I believe internet and social media safety is so important is because I feel that so many parents fear social media sites, and I believe this fear comes from a simple lack of knowledge. By educating parents on the abilities of specific apps and by encouraging youth to think twice before posting, I know I am helping prevent cyberbullying and interaction with online predators, and that is exactly what my mission is as Miss South Central. Thank you again to the Waseca Rotary for having me and being such a wonderful group.

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