• Alyssa Crum

Criteria for Posting

Wondering if you should post?​ It's often hard to distinguish between our feelings of insecurity when posting something online. I know I've had something I've wanted to post, but wondered how it would effect the way people thought of me. There's a big difference between those very normal insecurities we all have, and the feeling that what we are posting isn't right. Before you click "post" ask yourself, is it

  • Kind - Are you taking into consideration the feelings of others?Sometimes, this means refraining from speaking at all. Other times, it means saying what has to be said but using only the gentlest phrasing.

  • True - What you are saying may bot be an outright lie, but could it be categorized as a rumor, gossip, or an exaggeration? Does what we're posting work to paint a unrealistic image of ourselves or someone else?

  • Necessary - Is what you're posting necessary? Are these exact words right for the message I want to communicate? Sometimes we can say too much. We may violate the privacy of others or ourselves by revealing too many intimate details. This category can also take the form of negative comments, complains, or insults.


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